Marta Fofi’s artistic studies began at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome, specializing in Jewellery Design in 1995.

In 1996, she did a Master Course in the Metal Arts in Pietrarubbia, under the direction of Arnaldo Pomodoro. This three-month experience greatly influenced her feelings of confrontation and collaboration that can only be achieved by spending time with other artists.

Soon after however, her rational and practical sides took over and she began to work as a freelance designer in various goldsmith workshops in Arezzo. After several years, her restless nature took her once again on a new journey as she searched for that part of her that she had yet to uncover and which her place of birth, hindered.

She came to Ibiza by chance in 2000 and worked at a number of odd jobs. At the same time, the creative atmosphere on the island inspired her and she began to experiment using unconventional materials such as textiles together with acrylic paints.

In 2004, she produced her own line of bags and t-shirts with subjects taken from her paintings. She began selling them in the prolific “hippy” markets on the island.

In 2012, she took a “textiles sketchbook” course with American artist Dorothy Caldwell, once again confronting herself with other artists, which led her to dedicate herself completely to her own artistic production.

In 2014, she took a two-week course in Techniques of Textile Printing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. She then furthered her study of these techniques in 2015 at the University of the Arts London.

Hand printing has given her another means of expression that enhances her style with new textures and adds that element of error to her work that up to now was missing.


2016 17 October – 4 November “I’m not the prey”, Club Diario de Ibiza, Ibiza-Spain

2014 8-18 May “I was a serious woman” Can Curt San Agustí, Ibiza-Spain

2006 May “Heads” Bar Art Gallery Can Pou, Ibiza-Spain

2004 May “Marta Fofi: Tapices” Café Gallery La Ida, Madrid-Spain

2003 April “Martika” Art Gallery Centre cultural Mundo Mundial, Barcelona-Spain

2002 April “Martika” Bar Art Gallery Can Pou, Ibiza-Spain

2001 October “Martika” Palazzo Accorromboni, Gubbio-Italy


2016 11 November-11 December “Serious Dreamers” CueB Gallery, London-UK

2014/15 19 December – 6 January “La Tela Integrata” Spazio espositivo di Via Lucarelli, Gubbio-Italy

2004 April “Indigeni” Sale inferiori Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio-Italy


2018 22-24 June “Gli altri: visto da vicino nessuno è normale” Cotonfioc Festival, Genova-Italy

2016/17 24 November-14 January “Picture in translation” Air Project Gallery, Geneva-Switzerland

2015 13 February-15 March “OpenCueb 2015”, Cueb Gallery, London-UK

2014 29 November-1 December “BAF Bergamo Arte Fiera”, Bergamo-Italy

2014 5-9 November “PARATISSIMA” Torino-Italy

2014 31 July “Final Show” International Summer Courses – Biała ściana Gallery” The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź-Poland

2014 30 May-12 June “Art Club: presentación revista 2014” Palacio de Congresos, Santa Eularia, IbizaSpain

2014 21 February-9 March “Sujeto: mujer” Can Jeroni San Josep, Ibiza-Spain

2013 7-26 June “Art-like” Marta Torres Gallery, Ibiza-Spain

2013 31 May-11 June “Art Club: presentación revista 2013” Palacio de Congresos, Santa Eularia, IbizaSpain

2013 16-26 May “Action force” Kala Art Gallery, Paris-France

2013 25-28 April “ART MONACO” Monte Carlo-France

2013 23 March – 21 April “Colecciones” Artic Blue Gallery, Ibiza-Spain

2012 October “Cualidad-Calidad” Articblue Gallery, Ibiza-Spain

2012 22 May-5 June “Art Club: presentación revista 2012” Palacio de Congresos, Santa Eularia, IbizaSpain

2005/06/07/08/09/10/11 July and August “Domingo del Arte” Outdoor Art Fair in different Ibiza‘s squares

2004 November and December “Supermercado del Arte” Centro cultural Ebusus, Ibiza-Spain

2004 June, July, August and September “Noche del Arte” Outdoor Art Fair in Las Dalias, Ibiza-Spain

2003 August, September, October “Noche del Arte” Outdoor Art Fair in Las Dalias, Ibiza-Spain

1996 “Movimenti di genio acrobata” Centro TAM, Pesaro-Italy


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